Adani moves a step back in face of sustained peasant movement


The historic peasant movement on demand of repeal of the three black Farm Laws and withdrawal of the proposed Electricity Act (Amendment) Bill which has already run for months together through the biting winter and blistering summer of a large part of northern India has added a new chapter of sustained united democratic movement in the life of toiling people of the entire country. At the same time it is causing grave anxiety in the rulers, the Union government or their chief mentor-patron the corporate houses for whose benefits these Farm Laws and Electricity Bill were conceived and thrown out for implementation. The Union government, unmoved and adamant in open, must be feeling shifting ground below its feet. The corporate houses for whom the three laws and the Bill were placed on a platter as a gift, are also feeling the heat of a united sustained movement of fighting people.
A recent report by on 31 July 2021, throws open such an undercurrent. It states that the Adanis, one of the chief beneficiaries of the said laws etc., are shuttering operations of their Adani Logistics Limited at its rail-linked inland container depot (ICD) at Kilaraipur in Ludhiana. For long continued seven-month blockade by the fighting peasants has rendered the facility idle, incurring huge losses to the group.
The multi modal logistics park at Kilaraipur, spread over 80 acres, was opened in 2017 to cater to the industries in and around Ludhiana, offering services for import and export of cargo by rail and road. Since January 2021, the protesting farmers have blocked the main gate of the ICD by placing tractor trolley to obstruct movement of goods and personnel, thereby halting entire operations at the facility.
The Adani Group left no stone unturned to remove the blockade. It approached the administration and police, even moved the Punjab and Haryana High Court in March. But to no avail. Interestingly the huge establishment employs just 400 person and their families , while the group apprehend the overall economic impact to be worth more than staggering Rs 7,000 crore.
The determined farmers are continuing their fight. Toiling people of the country will wait for still more news like this one of the Adani Logistics Limited to come to light in near future. Long live the sustained united movement of peasants, the unflinching toilers who feed the country, including the corporate profit sharks . (Source: Business line reproduced by India Seatrade News 31-07-21)

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