5th Students Conference of AIDSO Delhi State


5th Delhi State AIDSO Conference was held on 25 September 2022. Prof. Vivek Sachdeva, Professor of English in IP University, Comrades Sachin Jain, Vice-President and Dinesh Mohanta, Vice-President and Treasurer respectively of AIDSO, Pran Sharma, Delhi State Secretary of SUCI(C) and others addressed the gathering on the pernicious effect of New Education Policy and the role as students in building up a strong movement to save education as well as humanity. A 22 member- strong state council with Comrades Anirban Bhaumik as President, Soumya, Suman and Shriram Saini as Vice-Presidents,. Shreya as Secretary, Adrika as Treasurer and Rahul Singh as Office Secretary, was formed.

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