3rd AIDYO Conference held with firm resolve to build up powerful youth movement


The third All India Youth Conference of AIDYO was held at Study Centre of Marxism-Leninism-Shibdas Ghosh Thought at Ghatsila, Jharkhand on 11 and 12 December 2021. It began with garlanding of the statue of Shibdas Ghosh, the great leader of the proletariat, by Comrades K. Radhakrishna, Saumen Basu and Chandidas Bhattacharjee, all Polit Bureau members and Comrades Arun Singh, Central Committee member of the SUCI(C), who were invited as honoured guests. Also paying floral tribute to the great leader were Comrades Jaison Joseph. Organisation General Secretary, Ramanjanappa Aldalli and Prativa Nayak, President and General Secretary respectively, of the AIDYO. Then Martyrs’ Column was garlanded by all. The organization flag was hoisted of Comrade Ramanjanappa. An exhibition was inaugurated by Comrade Chandidas Bhattacharjee. Over 500 delegates from 18 states and 3 Union territories attended the conference. Delegate Session began with inaugural speech by Com Arun Singh. Main resolution was moved by Comrade Niranjan Naskar, secretariat member and seconded by Comrade Amarjit Kumar.
The six other resolutions adopted were on (i) hailing the glorious Peasants’ Struggle against corporatisation of agriculture, (ii) COVID pandemic and the role of the government. (iii) against Privatisation of PSUs and Railways (iv) opposing menacing rise in alcoholism, drug addiction and atrocities on women, and (v) taking pledge to fight attack on democratic rights. A 81 member strong All India Committee was formed with Comrade Niranjan Naskar as National President and Comrade Amarjit Kumar as General Secretary. The session concluded with an inspiring speech by Comrade Radhakrishna with a call for building up a powerful youth movement based on Marxism-Leninism-Shibdas Ghosh Thought and strengthen AIDYO throughout the country.
A rally in celebration of the victory of the year-long historic Peasants Movement was taken out on 12 December 2021 in which all the delegates participated.

Augury of ‘victory march’ in celebration of the victory of the historic peasant movement in Ghatsila after AIDYO conference
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