AIDYO celebrates 50th Anniversary Fighting organization of youth calls for job for all, curb of liquor


AIDYO, the lone fighting organisation that upholds a life of dignity for the youth and has been building up sustained youth movements throughout the country for jobs for all capable people and against menace of drinking and other drug addiction, against obscenity, against violation of our women, against other burning problems, observed its 50th anniversary with thunder. The foundation day 26 June saw in Kolkata the central anniversary celebration while other states also observed the day. On 25 June a vibrant yet disciplined and decorated youth procession marched from Raja Subodh Mullick Squaire till it reached Esplanade, the heart of Kolkata. There a huge youth gathering was addressed by Comrade Saumen Basu, member, Central Committee, SUCI(C), Comrade B. R. Manjunath, All India President, AIDYO, Comrade Pratibha Nayek, General Secretary, AIDYO and others. It was presided over by Comrade Mohiuddin Mannan, Vice-President, AIDYO.
On 26 June, the foundation day, flag of the organisation was hoisted at the central office. From there a decorated motorbike rally went to Baranagar Rabindra Bhawan, located at the northern end of the city. There the Delegate session was inaugurated by Comrade Satyawan, Central Committee member, SUCI(C). Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, of the Party SUCI(C) addressed the session. Comrade Manik Mukherjee, Politbureau member, SUCI(C) delivered the concluding speech. Comrade Chhaya Mukherjee, also member, Central Committee of the Party and other all India leaders of AIDYO also addressed the gathering. Cultural performances were presented at both the programmes

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