One year of Russia-Ukraine war
Proposed judicial reforms in Israel and BJP government’s move to subvert Judicial autonomy stem from the same sinister bourgeois class design
Comrade K Sridhar addressed international online meeting to end siege on and sanctions against Syria
Media Speak : Continued Russia-Ukraine conflict is a bonanza for arms manufacturers
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Forces of peace must come together to impose ‘‘no- war conditions’’ on imperialist sharks

On 24 February 2023, one year of the Russia-Ukraine war was completed. But there is no sign of its ending. It was initially believed by many including Russian
Massive protests have rocked Israel as the country’s Netanyahu government is ploughing ahead with its proposed judicial ‘reforms’ that are allegedly purported to undermine relative autonomy of the Judiciary and virtually authorize Israeli government
Indian government does not publish any authentic data about various economic-social parameters from which the common citizens can get a proper idea about the objective reality of the country. So, it is needed to fall back upon statistics provided by
The ‘Arab International Popular Campaign’ organized a special online meeting of the international members of the preparatory committee on 1March, 2023 to discuss the means and ways needed to break the siege on Syria and the ways to provide necessary
Inhumanity at its nadir! Close to 1,000 schoolgirls have reportedly been poisoned in Iran. Though regime officials initially dismissed the attacks, several have now admitted that they are intentional. But three months after the first reported attack,
Not just a political vendetta but a fascistic design to curb freedom of press and elicit loyalty at gunpoint

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has produced a two-part documentary named ‘‘India—the Modi Question’’ based on anti-minority pogrom
Ritualistically, the Finance Minister (FM) of the BJP government has presented Budget of 2023-24 financial year amidst continuous bench-thumping by the ruling party MPs as if there was an avalanche of much-touted amrit vani (ambrosial stream) was pouring
Despite repeated claim of allotting at least 10 % of budget expenditure towards public health, it continues to be much lower at just around 2%. The FM has proposed to allocate Rs 86,175 crore to the department of health and family welfare for the financial
The Yogi Adityanath government’s bulldozer drive in Uttar Pradesh claimed two lives on 13 February afternoon when a mother and her daughter died of burn injuries suffered during the demolition of their allegedly illegal home in Kanpur Rural.The family
Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine armed conflict in February 2022, defence companies have seen their stocks rise as the West rushed military aid to Kyiv. Many of these weapons came from reserve stockpiles of Western countries, requiring these