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An American sees the Soviet Union (2) By Julius Walstad
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From the teachings of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh on the eve of his birth centenary year
An American sees the Soviet Union
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Renowned Educationists Denounce Distortion of History by BJP Government and RSS
SUCI(C) decries so called ‘Agneepath’ scheme as a deception
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Gyanvapi Mosque and other Islamic shrines & monuments to exacerbate communal Hindutva
SUCI(C) demands availability of petrol-diesel-LPG at cost price



[On the eve of commencement of birth centenary of Comrade Shibdas Ghosh, Founder General Secretary, SUCI(C), an outstanding Marxist thinker of the era, great leader of the proletariat and our leader, teacher and guide, we are giving below a free translation
(Julius Walstad was the first official delegate to the Soviet Union to be elected by thousands of American farmers to join the delegation of ‘Friends of the Soviet Union’ to visit Soviet Union. He visited Soviet farming regions in the Fall of 1934, a
Sri Lanka is in the grip of a grave economic crisis. The country which was once a case study in the world of bourgeois economics as with a high living standard is now virtually bankrupt. The condition has gone from bad to worse that the Sri Lankan President
Renowned educationists, eminent historians and democratic-minded intellectuals are outraged at the way the BJP-led central government is out to distort history in the name of rewriting it and thereby depriving the students from knowing the truth. In
In parliamentary democracy, it is expected that the elected representatives of the people will have their say on whatever turns them vocal— government’s policies, decisions or conduct of any legislator or minister maintaining due decency and decorum.
In a statement dated 19-07-22, Comrades Satyawan, and Shankar Ghosh, President and General Secretary respectively of AIKKMS said:‘‘The MSP Committee formed by the BJP-led central government on 18 July last comprises names of five persons all of whom
Doublespeak has reached its pinnacle with the BJP leadership. In 2016, BJP Prime Minister Modi said: ‘‘Nobody in this country should have the right to snatch the land of tribals, nobody should get a chance (to do this).This is our commitment. The government
On 25 July, a pathetic hooch tragedy in the rural areas of Ahmedabad and Botad districts of Gujarat took away many lives and warranted hospital admission of many more. In spite of existence of a Liquor Prohibition rule in the state, such incidents of
SUCI(C) condemned banning dharna, in parliament premises and ban of so called unparliamentary words as further curtailment of democratic norms and rightsComrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), issued the following statement on 16 July 2022:With
SUCI (Communist) expresses strong indignation against BJP-led central government for imposing GST on poor man’s food items

Shri Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI (Communist), has issued the following statement on 19 July 2022: