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In statement issued on 8 January 2023, Comrade Mukesh Semwal, Uttarakhand State coordinator, SUCI(C) said:We express our grave concern at the unfortunate news of land-sinking beneath the beautiful hill town of Joshimath in district Chamoli of Uttarakhand.
Adani Group’s Chairman Gautam Adani, the richest Indian whose rise is alleged to have been meteoric because of his close proximity with PM Modi, stated that his group’s success over the years is due to policy and institutional reforms in the country,
The seventh ‘Vande Bharat Express’ was flagged off in West Bengal on 30 December 2022 by PM Modi. The much-clamoured ‘state-of-the-art Express’ runs between Howrah and New Jalpaiguri covering a distance of 600 km in 7.5 hours. It means the train would
The BJP has registered a thumping victory in recently concluded assembly poll in Gujarat bagging 156 seats. Both the Prime Minister and Home Minister who along with several BJP chief ministers and big guns had virtually camped in that state for a long
ILO has published a Global Wage Report 2022-23 on ‘‘the impact of inflation and COVID-19 on wages and purchasing power of the people’’ all over the world. The report estimates that global monthly wages fell in real terms to -0.9 per cent in the first
With persistence of Russia-Ukraine war, the world wearily wonders whether the continuing war will deliver fresh economic shocks, even as economies are yet to recover from shocks delivered last year. Millions across countries have seen prices go up and
Inevitable consequence of ruthless oppression by a capitalist-imperialist regime after counter-revolution

China is in turmoil. Waves of protests across cities like Urumqi, Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuhan and across more than 100 Chinese universities
‘‘From financial inclusion to social security, quality healthcare to housing, education to entrepreneurship, many efforts have been made to put our Nari Shakti. These efforts will continue with even greater vigour in the coming times.’’—said Prime Minister
Through a report published by the Election Commission, it has been revealed that in the last financial (2021-22) year, the BJP topped the list of procuring cash donations of Rs 614.52 crores. This is over and above the huge contribution of Rs. 2,555
It has become a common phenomenon for all to witness that over the time, lands are being seized by the Government in our country citing ‘development’ as the pretext without caring for large scale eviction of impoverished people. Under the garb of ‘development’,